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Prof. Adrian S.W. Tordiffe


Based at the Faculty of Veterinary Science, University of Pretoria, Prof Tordiffe is a specialist wildlife veterinarian with a PhD in biochemistry and a special interest in carnivore nutrition and metabolism. He currently teaches Veterinary Pharmacology to undergraduate veterinary students and supervises several postgraduate students in MSc and PhD programmes. He started the company WildCat Nutrition (Pty) Ltd in 2018 in order to provide tailor-made nutritional solutions for captive carnivores. Professor Tordiffe also provides specialist veterinary consultancy services, particularly on matters relating to carnivore health, welfare and nutrition

"I would like to share a bit of success we had. We caught a leopard in a trap that was presumed to be about 6 months old (he weighed 13 kg). At that stage, I ordered the Panthera and CalciCare powder from you for this young cat. When we released him 3 months later, he weighed 27.5 kg! I am unbelievably impressed with the powder, and your supplements are the only ones that I recommend to any clients that keep predators." 

Dr Hayden Cuthill (wildlifevets.com)


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